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Veterinary medicine is always changing and evolving. 

Here are some interesting articles from around the web. 

December 19th 2017
T'is the season. Lets talk about how to keep your pets safe and sound this holiday season. Remember all your friends and family being around is fun for us. But all the changes to routine and new people could be very upsetting for your furry friend. 
Here is a great link from the ASPCA with some holiday safety tips for your pets.
Also please note our reduced days for the holiday season and ensure you have enough food and medication to get you through the holidays. 

Aug 29, 2017 
The significance of how your dog pee's. If your pet is urinating small amounts frequently, takes a long time to urinate, strains when urinating, has blood in the urine or is dripping pee instead of a strong stream, a trip to the vet is in order. 
These are all signs of difficulty urinating and could be very serious. 

Read more about Urinary Obstructions HERE. 
July  26, 2017
One of the new snow leopard cubs at the Toronto Zoo has died from Pneumonia caused by Bordetella.
You might recognize this better as kennel cough. 

Read the full story HERE.
Read about the vaccine HERE
July 18, 2017
New study published in the journal Nature, shows that dogs have 3 distinctive genes that make them better than meat-eating wolves at splitting the starches of carbohydrates in order to absorb them. Meaning that dogs, can, and should have carbohydrates as part of a balanced diet. 
Read the full article HERE
June 6th 2017 
Ignore the American reference, data easier to find for them. But the numbers are very similar here. Please make sure your pets are safe inside, have their collars and tags on and are microchipped. Though never guaranteed this gives them a MUCH higher chance of getting home 

May 30th 2017

What is your dog hiding? Besides his toys of course.



Dogs, and cats too, are great at hiding the fact they don't feel well. In Nature sick animals become targets for predators, this means they will hide every symptom they can until they just can't anymore.  By doing yearly blood tests we can find these problems long before your pet lets you know something is wrong. More information on the importance of blood work HERE.

May 24th 2017

Ticks making you itch? Worried about your furry friend? 
There are several things we can do to lessen the risks associated with ticks. 

We have tick protection medications. 
Tick twisters to get ticks off. Even a Lyme disease vaccine.

Give us a call and we can discuss your lifestyle and the products best suited to it. 
More information HERE

May 10th, 2017

Orphan Kittens 

If you have found an orphan or abandoned kitten, first make sure mom is definitely not coming back, she can leave to hunt for several hours. If she isn't coming back there are ways to raise these little cuties. Its not easy work, and is much like having a human baby, but it can be very rewarding. Here are some instructions if you find yourself with kittens.
April 25th, 2017


Got a reptile friend? We see those too! 

Here is a great article on the care of Bearded Dragons

April 18th, 2017

With the nice weather finally sticking around, 

its time for some gardening! 

Be careful what you plant, 

many plants in our gardens are toxic 

to our dog and cat friends. 

Amaryllis, All types of Lily's, Hosta's, 

even tomato plants are toxic.

Over at the ASPCA website you can find the full list of poisonous plants. 

March 28th 2017
Did you know, 95% of fleas and flea eggs are in your home, NOT on your cat!

Read more Here

March 22th 2017
Does you'r dog love a drink puddles? Did you know this puts your dog at risk for Leptospirosis? 

Read more HERE
March 15th 2017
Estimates for North America say that 59% Of cats and 54% of dogs are overweight

Its just a few pounds right?

An extra 3 lbs on a cat is the same as 45 lbs on me and you. Even just 10 lbs on your lab is more like 27 lbs to us

Read about helping your dog or cat slim down Here

March 7th 2017
Did you know, ticks start to emerge at 4 degrees Celsius! 

Here is a great link to some information about Ticks and how you can protect your friend!

February 28th 2017
Did you know we can preform Rabbit dentistry too! 

Here is a great article about why your bunny friend may not be eating as well as they should.
Remember, HAY HAY HAY.
February 14th 2017

Happy Valentines Day! 

If your pet is your valentine this year, here is some advice on how to keep them safe so everyone can enjoy the love.
February 8th 2017

This is an interesting article about a Fad floating around, Dental work without anesthetic. 
Although we humans don't need anesthetic to have our dental work done, its just better medicine to have the animal under anesthetic. 
Here is some more information. 

January 31st 2017

Did you know that February is PET DENTAL MONTH!

Here is a great website on why Dental X-rays are so important,
Its from a veterinary hospital that specializes in pet dentistry!
*Warning some images do contain blood







January 24th 2017 

Thinking about your New Years Resolutions? 
Here some to try for your pets! 
from our friends at BluePearl

Read the article HERE
Jan 17th 2017 
Stuck inside on a rainy day ?

Read the article HERE
Jan 10th 2017 
9 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe in Snow
There’s nothing quite like watching a dog experience snow for the first time. What the heck is all this white stuff? Must dig in and try to gobble it up! 
But before letting your pet go wild in the snow, make sure you’re taking these safety precautions provided by one of our expert veterinarians.
Read the rest of the article HERE
 Jan 3rd 2017
 Food Myths - Corn

You may hear that a plant-based ingredient such as corn is a "filler"
that shouldn't be included in a pet's diet because it is poorly digested and can cause allergies.
Its a Myth!
Read why we love corn  HERE
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