Downtown Veterinary Hospital

154 Tuscarora St.
Windsor, ON N9A 3L4


 Welcome to Downtown Veterinary Hospital !



Upon entering our clinic, you will be greeted by one of our Registered Veterinary Technicians. 

We carry a full line of Prescription Diets, and pet supplies and we can custom order any supplies you need in as little as 24 hours. 



One of our two waiting rooms.


Having two lets us keep dogs and cats separate and gives everyone the most stress free visit possible.





Our old grain scale, perfect for weighing dogs and technicians.



Our main examine room.


Here one of our fabulous doctors will examine your pet from nose to tail.


On the table is our scale for our more petite clients.



Our second exam room.

We reserve it for more intensive patients who are stressed easily or need some private time with their owners.



This is our treatment area.

You can see our endoscope and autoclave on the right. 

This is where our Registered Veterinary Technicians can generally be found. 

If your dog is a large breed we may do our exam here so everyone has a little more room. 



Our Digital Radiography Machine


Used to detect problems on the inside of your pet.




This is our surgical suite, we often do spays and neuters here but we can also do some less routine surgeries here too. 





Those fabulous doctors hard at work, doing a neuter. 




This is our laundry room. 

Can you believe we do 2-5 loads of laundry every day!

This is our laundry supervisor, Annie.

She doesn't often come out for visits, her bed is to comfy. 



Downtown Veterinary Hospital
154 Tuscarora St.
Windsor, ON
N9A 3L4

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